Hello Everyone:

Thank my God for all of you. My name is Sally Murray Clark, 66 years of age – 1 daughter, 2 grand babies (boy and girl), tons of family and a host of friends. I retired from the United States Postal Service in 2003, after 37 years of service. I lived in Detroit, Michigan for 45 years. I moved to Georgia to be close to my grand babies.

After searching close to a year, I found Atlanta Metropolitan Christian Church (AMCC), through my then neighbor, Aretha Allen. I thank her profusely for taking me to her church where I found a wonderful church home. My pastor, Dr. Ben Barnett is awesome! He preaches and teaches from the Word and in a manner that anyone can understand. The congregation is diverse, faithful and spirit filled.

On Halloween of 2013, I was told that I had stage four gall bladder cancer. The option was chemotherapy indefinitely to try to hold or slow the growth. I was given less than one year to live. I chose to go the holistic way with proper eating and lots of prayer. I serve an Awesome and Mighty God that can do anything!