Good Morning Everyone,

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers in our study with Margaret.

But as for me, my feet had almost slipped; I had nearly lost my foothold, Psalm 73:2.
On February 28th 2015, I was planning on giving up on God after Church on March 1st 2015. Life was too hard, too discouraging and I had lost hope. So, I told God I was done after Church because I had to usher, since I didn’t get a replacement.
A couple of the things that were happening in my life:
The reality of losing my 7 month old Nanny job that I never got an explanation of why I was let go but a few days later they sent me an email asking me to stop communicating spiritually with their housekeeper, who we were studying the Bible with. She stop opening the door and answering her phone after this email was sent to me.
Now, deep down I thought surely God was going to Bless quickly with another job, since I received persecution for doing His will.
But months went by and things weren’t working out, my savings and money was gone and my heart was becoming hardened because I felt like God should have rescued me.
Then, I ended up getting a few months behind in my rent and I needed about $3000 and maybe more. I had received an email from my landlord the end of February that he was going to start eviction proceeding against me, this freaked me out. Plus there were other really difficult and scary things going on at the same time.
I was feeling like God didn’t care that I was in this alone. While going through this I kept reading, praying and showing up.
By March 1st, I had managed to come up with some of the money but needed $1280 to get caught up to March in my rent. While when I came to Church people could see in my eyes that something was wrong. I plastered a smile on my face to serve but in my heart this was going to be my last Sunday. And brothers and sisters kept saying to me, I see you smiling but your eyes are saying something else but I wouldn’t open up. Then someone at the end of service that I had been trying to persuade to come back to Jesus and to Church was there. When he saw me he gave me a big hug and said everything was going to be ok then left.
Then a brother asked me what was wrong, I told him some of it but I didn’t mention to him or anyone else that I was leaving. He told me to sat down he would be back in less than 5 minutes, he came and said we’re going to give you $700 and I just cried uncontrollably because I knew this was God.
Then the guy that gave me a big hug at the end of service called and asked me to meet him immediately, which I did. He then says to me, I don’t ever want to see you the way I saw, you at Church and then said don’t you ever give up on God ( now keep in my I didn’t this with him either). Then he gave me an envelope and hug then left.
When I got back in my car, I finally looked in the envelope,it was filled with cash, $580 to be exact. So, in less than 2 hours God blessed me with $1280. I then cried and apologized to God for not trusting in Him to provide and for my thoughts of giving up on Him.
Matthew 6:25-33 Became very real and true for me. God always has us.
Thank you for allowing me to share.

Love YSIC,