Immediate & Persistent Prayers Needed

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please continue to pray for ABLE God is hearing and answering our prayers-they caught one of the guys and warrants out for the other.

We’ll keep you posted.

Please PRAY for ABLE and her family again today. Please pray that if they have to sedate her for her to heal that she does not have night mares.

Please pray for her spirit.

Dear Brothers and Sisters I can not disclose much information because the person’s identity needs to be protected-but she needs your prayers:

When you pray please pray for let’s say her name is ABLE, God knows who you are praying for. She was a 16 year old virgin that was gang raped when she went up north to visit her family for summer. This just recently happened.

Please pray that God will give her all of the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing that she needs at this time.

Pray that she does not blame herself for what happen and that she does not grow up with a victim’s mentality. Please pray that she does not commit suicide and that she does not grow up hating God.

Please pray that God will put a shield of protection on her life like never before. That she grows up healthy, and feels secure.

Please pray that she becomes a disciple of Jesus and an advocate for others and please pray that God will send the right advocate to her and her family at this time.

Please pray that God will give her immediate justice and that she will forgive those who sinned against her.

Thank You and MAY God be with you and your prayers and your family.


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  1. Please pray for the Johnson family members pop. His name is Melvin Polk. He is like my dad as well – and I adopted him from Northriver a long time ago. I love him so much. He was admitted in the hospital Monday with a problem with his bone. They want to do surgery on him so please pray for him. Thank you so much and God bless all of you who pray for him! Carol Dimas

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