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hi everyone!! I’m sorry that Pierre will miss our Macon brothers and sisters as he is scheduled to return home on August 16th(YAY!!!*:D big grin)but Crys and I will be home August 10th, Lord’s willing, and I look forward to that special time of fellowship!
I don’t know if you’ve been able to be in contact with Pierre at all since he left but he’s doing very well; he played an important role in his family for his brother’s funeral and all went as well as can be expected for that…he then took part in the Church Conference for the worldwide French-speaking churches in our congregation of churches, which the Abidjan church hosted this year, and not only did he preached on the very 1st Sunday of the conference, but was a speaker at several of the break-out sessions during the week and then led the closing prayer after Herve Fleurant’s closing sermon on the following Sunday. He was greatly encouraged as he encouraged so many others!
Also, in case you didn’t know, yesterday(August 1st)was his 63rd birthday! They had great big party for him and you know he had fun dancing the night away, but I’m sure he missed us all!
Crys and I are having a wonderful time visiting with my relatives and family here and discovering my hometown together! She lived here herself between the ages of 3-6 but she’s lived in so many different cities since then that she doesn’t remember too much, not even the house we lived in! Lol! Funny though, the one place she did remember was where we had church! We went past the building and she said, “isn’t that where we used to go for church?” I couldn’t believe it, talk about having an impact!!*:)
We do miss you all and look forward to seeing you soon! One thing about a vacation: it’s such a blessing, but it’s always so good to get back, see loved ones…and sleep in your own bed!!*:D big grin
Take care and God bless! Love you guys!!!
Shaun xoxoxoxo


June 11th – Pierre Seya’s younger brother (57) passed unexpectedly. Pierre will be traveling to Abidjan for the funeral. Please pray for comfort for Pierre and his family as well as safe travels for Pierre.

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  1. Our dear brother Pierre,

    Our staff is praying for your entire family here and abroad. May God bless your journey to Abidjan this coming week.

    AMCC Ministry Staff

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