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  1. Shaun

    Dear Loved Ones,
    Thank you so much for your prayers. Elder Pierre saw the doctor today and although he was not prescribed Tamiflu, the doctor said he had flu-like symptoms along with a reddened, very sore throat and bad cough. The doctor did however prescribe an antibiotic, cough medicine and ibuprofen for the body aches and fever. Having a diagnosis was in fact comforting to us, as we were very concerned that he may have been suffering from malaria, since he’s just coming back from an endemic region in Africa.. So praise God it’s not that!
    Please continue to pray for his recovery as he begins his treatment . Pray also that I can continue to move things along with packing and cleaning, as we’re supposed to be moving into our new house this Friday.
    Thanks so much again for all your prayers! We feel your love and support from the four corners of Atlanta. We are comforted and uplifted by it. To God he the glory!
    Love and blessings to all,
    Shaun xoxoxoxo

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