Lila Gunter Passed – Please Keep Family & Friends in Prayer

Our dear friend Lila Gunter passed away this morning. Please keep Lila’s family and friends in your prayers.


Got this from Denise… Good morning, this is from Crystal, Lila is arresting again and this time the doctor is saying he doesn’t think she is going to make it. Please pray for her, the doctors and her mom.


Please keep Lila Gunter in your prayers. Her condition has taken a turn and she is now back in ICU. Thanks


Please continue to pray for Lila Gunter. She underwent emergency surgery last night due to bleeding from a rupture in the clavicle nerve in her aorta. Please pray that the surgery was able to stop the bleeding (as they doctors are unsure at this point) and that her body will be able to heal itself. She is currently in Emory’s Cardiovascular ICU. Thanks


Please pray for Lila Gunter. She has been admitted to Grady’s ICU for a tear in the descending portion of her aorta. Currently she is been given medicine through the IV being monitored. She is asking for prayers that the tear does not get larger and that she doesn’t have to have surgery. Thank you,  Crystal Consonery