1. Elder Lightburn

    Dear Heavenly Father, we come to lift-up Mrs. Eileen’s daughter Andrea Suggs in prayer for healing in of the disfunction going on in her body. We pray for the ease of the pain and a favorable out come with the Chemo treatment. We know through our Lord Jesus you allows miracles to happen, so we pray in hope that her body will heal itself for you glory. By you will and in you holy name Jehovah Rapha we pray. Amen!

  2. Elder Lightburn

    Holy Father we continue to pray for our sister Mrs. Eileen’s daughter Andrea Suggs. We pray for her healing, strength, and peace as she under go the chemo treatment. We pray her body will respond to the treatment and not cause her further discomfort. We pray all these things in your healing name Jehovah Rapha. Amen!

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