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    Aunt Marjorie stayed an extra 12 years after Uncle Melvin passed. I believe for our benefit.

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    Hello Family,
    My Uncle Melvin, passed on Monday. His health had been declining for the past year; he was 85 years old. I am happy for him but very sad for my favorite Aunt Marjorie (she took care of my brother and I when my mom died). She never had any children and they were each others everything and were married for 60 years. I have so many cousins there that are taking care of her. I pray that she will recover from her lost and find joy and peace the remainder of her time here.

    We are still in the very preliminary planning stages but, I think that Brittany (she’s on spring break this week) and I may drive up to Michigan for the funeral on this Saturday afternoon. Joe will stay with the boys as they have a big meet on Saturday morning. We will leave Atlanta early Friday morning, and leave Michigan to return to Atlanta early Sunday morning so that we can drive during the daytime.

    Please pray for my Aunt and our travels.

    Love to All,

    Fawn R. Black

  2. Elder Lightburn

    Hi Joe and Fawn, May our prayers and spirit of love continue to cover you in warm embrace during this time. May Our Lord and Savior promises give you peace and strength. Love the Lightburn’s

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