1. Anisiha Nyarotho

    Thank you Elder Kevin for posting this on our behalf.

    The love, kindness, service and generosity of my brothers and sisters from God’s household at this time; has once again left an imprint of God’s goodness on my soul!

    We hope to hold a memorial service for her on next Saturday here in GA, for anyone that knew her, met her and or loved her and want to memorialize her. And a secondary service will be held for her in July, for her family and friends, her former colleagues in blue, and all that live there.

    Thank you again as I grateful and appreciative of the favor.

    Together We Are Stronger.

    Love Anisiha and Nixon

  2. Anonymous

    The love, kindness, service, and generosity of our brothers and sisters from God’s household; has left a positive imprint on our souls!

    Thank you brothers and sister for making this time of grief and mourning bearable through all of your cards, flowers, donations, hands of service, smiles, hugs, prayers, words of kindness, friendship, and really, just the pure love shown towards our family.

    May God continue to fill you with his love and always cover you with his grace and favor for the kindness you have shown us. Thank you so much.

    Love the Nyarothos and family.

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