1. Elder Kevin Lightburn

    Heavenly Father we come in pray in your Holy name Jehovah Rapha on behalf of Marv’s brother, Willie Spooner. May all things be done according to your will for him. Please extend peace and strength to the family during the time as they hope for a full healing and recovery. We offer this pray in the loving name of our Lord Jesus. Amen!

  2. Marv Barnard Richardson

    Hi BPC Family,
    I just wanted to update you all officially.  My brother Willie is out of the hospital.  He’s no longer relying on a ventilator.  Praise God.  He’s still not completely out of the woods.  He’s now staying in a long-term care facility but the hopes is he can return back home to Illinois where he’s been living.

    Thanks again for all your prayers.  Y’all prayers were my spark plugs! I really do appreciate it.

  3. Elder Lightburn

    Marv, It is great to hear your brother out of the hospital and breathing on his own power. We continue to lift him up by the power of prayer that GOD favor continues to rest. Amen.

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