1. Anonymous

    Heavenly we come in prayer of petition for Mrs. Patricia Posey. In this time of need for healing. In the name of Jehovah Rapha, we pray for healing of her body from cancer. Give her strength, peace and comfort as she walk through this valley. In Jesus Name

  2. Anonymous

    Update: Patricia Posey
    Mom had a mastectomy on April 3rd and was set to be released April 4th; however those plans were derailed. There were concerns about her heart and diabetes so she was transferred to the cardiac ICU. April 5th she was administered a drug that caused anaphylactic shock, but God! April 6th she had an echocardiogram and angiogram indicating 2 blockages( 99% and 70%). Mom never stopped trusting that God had healed her in the mist of it all.. A second angiogram was conducted on April 8th to place a stent in the side artery only. When the doctors returned to consult with us, we were told that the blockages that they saw on the 6th were non-existent and maybe what they saw during the initial angiogram was in error, but God!
    She was released from the hospital shortly after and is home recovering. Mom has been given permission to return to her daily routines and her cardiac issue can be resolved with a minor surgery, but we are petitioning God to resolve that as well. Thank you for your prayers and may God bless you abundantly.

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